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Available Services

New Home Design

Building a new home?

Basic or full automation needs to be planned ahead.  Make sure your house is wired for your needs and that all the systems (heating control, plumbing, lighting and AV) all match with your plan for automation. Get the specifications you need to get bids on an automation system that meets your needs.

Home Owners

We provide consulting services and technical support for home automation.  We do not represent any products and we do not sell or install equipment.  Our service is matching your needs with available technologies and products. With our design and documentation, you can shop suppliers and get quotes for the automation that best fits your needs.

Automation Assessment

Buying a home?

Often home inspections don't deal with home automation and low voltage systems. Find out what existing automation and security is in the home and its condition. Assess internet capabilities and availability of broadband services.

Business Owners

Need building automation or information technologies for your business or commercial property?  We can help you define your needs and assist you in finding the best technology and venders for your specific application.

Design for Existing Homes

Want to automate your home and wondering where to start?

Let us help you determine your needs, design a system, and provide you with the specifications you need to shop for the best vendor.

Architects & Contractors

Broaden the service you provide your clients with more automation services and products.  We can help with design services and technical support.  


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